Thursday, 16 July 2020

Jewellery designs inspired by goddesses and heroines

I like to sketch out a piece of jewellery before I start making it. It really helps to have a plan before cutting out a piece of wood and a little bit of planning can save a whole lot of 'fettling' later. At the sketch stage, I can work out where I will wrap wire, knot thread, or place a bead. Often a piece can evolve once work begins and it’s always interesting to look back at the drawing and compare it to the finished jewellery. My recently completed (and sold) Epona’s Amulet is a good example of how helpful a sketch can be and it illustrates the thought process well.

On the theme of mythology, I recently bought an enthralling book all about goddesses and heroines. It covers deities from all over the world and I’ve found that the section on Norse mythology is inspiring several ideas. The description of Freya is of one who wears a cloak of feathers and cries tears of amber. You would have to have a heart as hard as Thor’s hammer not to be excited by that idea!

Pictured above are some sketches I’ve done this morning, of a couple of shapes I’m planning to cut and carve. I like the idea of putting an incised rune into it. Although not obvious to the onlooker (unless they knew their runes), it would make a pleasing little decorative feature and of course the wearer would know it’s secret and special meaning. I love that idea. Now I’m off to my workbench to start turning the thought into reality!