Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Capturing the beauty of autumn in bead embroidery

Subtle changes herald the approach of autumn. Mornings feel cooler and the hedgerows are beginning to take on their autumn hues. The bramble in particular, favours a colourful costume, as her leaves turn the most beautiful shades of yellow, red and purple.

Over the years, I’ve spent many happy hours with watercolours, trying to capture the beauty of autumn leaves and berries, sometimes sitting outside, or sometimes with a sprig on my desk in a jam jar. So I already had a good folder full of reference material to base my necklace on. I've also noticed that the hedgerow that borders our front garden is full of sloes this year, so that is something I'm keen to include.

A painting from my autumn sketchbook 

I love the bloom on these rich purple berries and hunted out a large bead with just the right finish to it as well a a treasure trove of other berry themed bijouterie. I did a quick sketch of what I saw in my imagination.

Having been happily experimenting with painting on silk, I decided to make painted bramble leaves in all their autumn glory. The photo below shows the leaves in the first stages of construction. The wire armature was covered in wire wraps and gave a good firm anchor point to attach them to the background support fabric.

Combining my love of painting nature with making jewellery has meant hours of creative bliss and this lustrous creation is the end result. It’s quite close to my original sketch I think.

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