Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Rain and shine

We’ve had rain all week. After working so hard to create a lovely place to sit outside our back door, it’s been too wet to venture out. The poor plants have taken a battering, the chives are no longer standing  to attention and the daisies have sensibly closed their petals in defeat. However, coming down to make the first coffee of the day I looked out and couldn’t believe my eyes. Despite the early hour, and the damp cool morning, there was the most beautiful little humming bird moth hovering among my patio plants. I did a quick sketch, noting it’s rust coloured wings, cigar shaped body and amazingly long proboscis.

I do hope it will return, as I have plenty of flowers to tempt it including some pretty Zinnias. I waged war on the slugs this year, with copper tape round all the pots and a daily ‘snail patrol’ every morning and evening. If I find one I lob it over the hedge into the field. So far I’ve only lost one plant. My vigilante approach seems to be working!

The upside of all this wet weather has meant that I have had more time for jewellery making.  I’ve completed two necklaces this week! ‘Elfine’ is done and will be off to her new home soon. I loved every minute of her making, and am pleased with the arrangement of all the different elements.

The back has turned out nicely neat and smooth, which is something I always aim for in my bead embroidery projects.

Whilst the rain pattered down I created my ‘Nixie’ wirework necklace. I just loved that cabochon with its flash of green and had some fun choosing all the lovely beads to coil and weave around it.

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