Sunday, 3 March 2019

Enjoying the elements

I must confess, beading has been a bit slow. The lovely sunshine was just too tempting to resist, so walks, weeding and sitting outside meant that progress on ‘Enchantress’ has waited until the weather has gone back to the usual for early March. Added to that, was the fact that this has been a piece that has really stretched me, both in terms of visual design and construction techniques. As I already have a buyer for it, I’m keen that it will be a beautiful piece of work.  Now that I’m happily back in my beading seat, the chain elements are well under way.

As you see in my photo, I’m thinking about the way they will link to the main pendant. My challenge when starting this piece was to make it without the usual backing and edge border stitching that you normally use to make a bead embroidered piece. It enabled me to play with ways of breaking out of my donut shape, and I’m going to use that little disk shaped green bead between the two bail  strings at the top of the pendant, as it will then sit a bit above them at the top. Little touches like this can make such a difference to a design.

My muse keeps coming and whispering about a piece I’ve had in mind for a while - a bead embroidered fish. Now I’m thinking this new technique without the border might work well for that ……. or perhaps an exotic bird version……. Exciting beading times ahead!

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