Friday, 11 January 2019

Wild at Heart

What captivating, capricious and cunning little creatures beads are! Yes, I firmly believe they have minds of their own and conspire to be made into things whilst you think they are sitting innocently in your stash.

Having had a bit of winter sunshine in Tenerife, my imagination was full of exotic colours. On the plane on the way home I was mentally planning the piece I would make once all the Christmas mayhem was over and done with. So when the last bauble had gone back into the loft I headed to my bead collection to hunt out a sizzling cocktail of brightly coloured bijouterie. But the beads had other ideas. In amongst the exotic were soft pink pansies, muted silvery pearls and softly lustred drops. They remided me of the doodle I had done in an odd corner of my sketchbook just a few days before we flew to Tenerife.

 It was no good, I knew the idea wouldn’t let me alone until it was made real. So I gave in and this romantic wire wrapped filigree piece is the result.

No doubt I will be planning a soft pink piece at some stage and the lime green and orange beads will scupper my plans. Beads are clever like that!