Sunday, 28 October 2018

Leafy Lustre

A change of technique can really help to keep your work fresh. As I’d made several bead embroidered pieces I decided I’d do some wirework for a change. I’d recently bought some tarnish resistant wire with a lovely antique bronze finish, so I decided to make a piece with a leafy woodland look to it. At first glance I thought attaching the bigger leaves would be impossible if I wanted them flat within the piece, as they only have one hole, running front to back at the top. But thinking outside the box, I created ‘veins’ of wire and this attaches them securely, and adds some textural interest. 

Wirework can be daunting, the trick is not to overthink it, but go with the flow and relax. The shapes are much more interesting and organic when you work intuitively, and I find you waste less wire!

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