Sunday, 28 October 2018

Leafy Lustre

A change of technique can really help to keep your work fresh. As I’d made several bead embroidered pieces I decided I’d do some wirework for a change. I’d recently bought some tarnish resistant wire with a lovely antique bronze finish, so I decided to make a piece with a leafy woodland look to it. At first glance I thought attaching the bigger leaves would be impossible if I wanted them flat within the piece, as they only have one hole, running front to back at the top. But thinking outside the box, I created ‘veins’ of wire and this attaches them securely, and adds some textural interest. 

Wirework can be daunting, the trick is not to overthink it, but go with the flow and relax. The shapes are much more interesting and organic when you work intuitively, and I find you waste less wire!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Autumn Arabesque

My latest necklace (pictured below) went off to a new home a couple of days ago and for a few hours my workdesk was tidy.

Gardens and hedgerows are full of inspiration for a beadworker at this time of year. The last of the summer flowers are still hanging on despite the windy weather. I still have sweet peas, petunias and brightly coloured geraniums and our autumn crocuses are in abundance, their beautiful mauve petals contrasting with the yellow and orange leaves which have fallen around them. On our walks this week we’ve enjoyed looking at all the lovely fruits and berries, and I've started a new project inspired by all that natural autumn glory. The desk soon became covered once more by a bright array of lovely treasures from my hoard!

I’ve begun these earrings by making a framework from copper wire. I made little arabesques which I soldered inside the frame – so glad I did classes and learned to solder, it’s meant I can custom make rather than buy certain pieces and I find that it allows me to express my vision in a much more personal way. 

Fallen leaves have so many colours, ranging from lime to gold to purple and pink, so I’ve selected threads in those shades. A weekend of beady bliss to look forward to!