Friday, 24 August 2018

Blackberry Lane

There are so many luscious colours in the hedgerow just now. Elderberries with wonderful rich red stems, blackberries in their varying  shades of ripeness and all the iridescent splendour of the insect world – various bees, golden hoverflies and shimmery dragonflies are all seen amongst the berries in the hedgerow near my home. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that these shades have made their appearance in my latest piece. I had originally intended to make something pastel and delicate, but my muse has other ideas! Sometimes it’s just good to go with the flow!  And this would look just stunning with an outfit in autumn colours.

One of the challenges with this piece was making the transition from the flat section of strap to the round woven chain that completes the back – it meant some nifty bead engineering to make it look seamless. I guess that’s why beadwork fascinates me so much, there is a real problem solving element to each and every piece that can be both challenging and rewarding.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

'Harmony' necklace

It’s often a colour combination from nature that has me reaching for my beads. I had a blissful morning twisting wire and laying out some beads for my next project. I’m really excited about this colour combination, inspired by a tiny clump of flowers I spotted during a walk to the post office yesterday.

The lyre shape was created using a wire jig, as it helps me to keep it nice and symmetrical.

I made sure to make a looped element at the base, so I can add a wire wrapped drop. Should be very striking when it’s done.