Thursday, 19 July 2018

Time, tide and treasured memories

It’s been a bit of a blessing to have something watery themed on the go recently.  It’s been very hot and dry, so beading my Water Sprite necklace has been slow, dreamy and oh so pleasurable. As I stitched I recalled many images from childhood fishing trips in a little rowing boat with my father. I see us sitting like Mole and Ratty, with me in a pair of tartan trousers that Mum thought practical garb for a six year old on a boating trip. I hated those trousers! Memories bob up to the surface and find their way into the beadwork. I remember the little swirls and eddies the oars made as they sploshed into the water, like mini whirlpools. So I made two little swirls from blue wire to go at the bottom of the pendant section. I attached them with teeny gunmetal coloured pearls.

Sometimes Dad would catch a fish – roach, bream, or perch, with beautiful silvery bronze scales. Before we rowed home they would be gently put back in the water. I searched through my drawers of seed beads until I found some gilt lined smoke coloured ones which are just the right colour and finish. I made the shell drops in my fringe overlap like fish scales. Now I need to think about the strap section.

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