Sunday, 1 July 2018

Calming, cool and monochrome

Maybe it's the hot weather we've been enjoying, or perhaps it's that I've been busy with colourful seed beads, but I felt drawn to the little box in my workroom where I keep my black beads. It's not a colour scheme I use often, but it just felt right somehow. I cut a length of sterling silver wire, grabbed my pliers, took a deep breath and just went for it, hoping that the 'beading gods' would guide my fingers. I tucked the last end of wire neatly in and - would you believe it there was nothing to trim - the wire I'd cut was exactly the right length to the very millimeter, for the wrap. Beading is like that sometimes (but all too rarely!)

Mr J came in, looked at me and said 'You look serene'. Now that's not a phrase he has ever used about me before so I'm thinking this little pendant must have something. He thought it looked very chic and stylish, so I was doubly pleased.

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