Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A punnet of berries

Punnet. Isn’t that a lovely word. I’m not talking about a nasty, plastic supermarket container here. Oh no, I mean a lovely old fashioned wooden chip punnet. I remember helping my granny to pick raspberries for Sunday tea. I loved the way the punnet had been stained from previous fruity forays along the raspberry canes. We ate as we picked, to the background hum of bees and the contented clucking of her hens.

This morning I went on my own foray – into my thread and bead boxes – to choose colours and textures that remind me of berry picking. I want to include a visual reference to the stained wooden punnet, so I have drilled and dyed my wooden beads and then varnished them.

I will take my Japanese marudai braiding loom out into the garden to weave this happy summer memory into something tangible and pretty. The background hum of bees will be a common strand between past and present.

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