Monday, 4 June 2018

Making connections in bead embroidery

My latest bead embroidered piece already has a buyer, so I’m anxious to make it extra special! The lovely soft dark blue Italian leather is now attached as the backing to the main section and I spent most of yesterday puzzling out how to continue into the strap. I tried several ideas that didn’t work until I discovered a way that did – completely by accident. I’d threaded a stack of size 11s and put my needle through the wrong bead. This resulted in making a diamond shaped grouping of four beads instead of a flat strip. Sometimes a solution comes from an error and I've learned over the years to keep an open mind when beading.

The mental lightbulb lit up, as this little group provides the perfect starting point for a beaded bead element - much better than the flat end of the strip would have done.  I immediately made some rough notes so that I would know what to do next time. 

I’m really glad I’ve discovered ‘Fireline’ beading thread. It just seems to disappear into the backing and the result is sturdy and very neat. 

I like my strap to look as if its growing organically from the side of the main section and I think it will feel very comfortable and smooth to wear. Just need to get the rest of it done now!

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