Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Bead Magic

I’m convinced that a piece of jewellery has a life of it’s own. It sometimes turns out quite differently from your initial plan. It seems to have a ‘spirit’ and will tell you what beads to include. Over the years I've learned to listen to intuitive thoughts whilst beading as my best pieces are done this way.  The other important lesson I’ve learned is that most pieces go through an ‘ugly duckling stage’. This can be scary, and it’s where many a project can hit the buffers, or worse still, the bin! But it’s at this stage where the spirit of the piece asserts itself and things can head off in a new and exciting direction if you will only allow yourself to listen.

My latest pair of earrings are a perfect example of this. When I put down my beading needle last night I felt they were at the ugly duckling stage. I decided to leave them to sort themselves out overnight. This morning when I looked at them I knew just what they wanted me to do. They needed a long glass bead between the two leaves at the bottom. I went over to the bank of little drawers that hold my bead mixes, put my hand in the first one and pulled out….. two little green dagger beads. Viola! 

Now the earrings are a much better shape and are starting to look elfin and pretty. Beads have magic within them.

Before I started on these I finished my blue bead embroidered necklace. It has rekindled my love for the technique and I will certainly be doing a lot more embroidered pieces in future.

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