Monday, 18 June 2018

A jewel for a water sprite

Norfolk has it’s fair share of watery habitats. We are not far from the broads, with all the rivers and marshland dykes that flow into them. When I was little my father would hire a rowing boat and take me fishing on the broads, banging a long pole into the mud to anchor our little craft. I would marvel at the smooth surface which was broken only by the occasional commotion of waterfowl.  I thought it a wonderful and magical world down there in the cool green depths, a place for nymphs and water sprites.

What sort of necklace would a water sprite wear? I imagine something sparkling with droplets, little fish scales, water plants and perhaps a piece of metal, maybe the remains of a dagger, an offering from our ancestors to the water gods. Shiny pebbles there would be, as well as water plants and flowers, and maybe a tiny bronze water snail or beetle wing. I have pebbles a-plenty – well, beads anyway, also a beautiful shell shape with a metallic sheen and others like pale fish scales. I can make the tiny water snails myself, from clay.  No doubt the water sprite would weave water weed to make a support for all her little treasures, but I will content myself with threads in iris and green.

As I sketch, and daydream, I can almost hear the gentle splash of oars and call of coot. Dad never turned for home until sunset turned the calm, water lily studded water orange. (I pull out a phial of tiny peachy beads so that I can include that lovely memory in my necklace).

We always called in at the pub on the way home and I was given crisps and a bottle of Vimto. Simple pleasures!

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