Friday, 25 May 2018

Ideas for intricate trinkets

As I write, I'm surrounded by a pile of thread spools and tubes of pretty seed beads. I had the idea that my wired macrame motif would make a great element to include in a bead embroidered piece of jewellery. The central part is done and I have the beginnings of an idea how the sides will work so it's going to be a very seed beady weekend!

Not having done bead embroidery for a while, in order to learn some new techniques, I'm excited to combine some of what I've learned with embroidered beads. Some new seed beads arrived through the post last week and they are stored in the lovely old chinese chest that I discovered on a recent forage in the charity shop. They gleam invitingly every time I open up the drawer and I have a few things in my head that are just begging to be made.....

A 'Goblin Market' neckpiece is just one such piece. Inspired by the poem by Christina Rossetti that goes:-

Come buy, come buy: 
Our grapes fresh from the vine, 
Pomegranates full and fine, 
Dates and sharp bullaces, 
Rare pears and greengages, 
Damsons and bilberries, 
Taste them and try: 
Currants and gooseberries, 
Bright-fire-like barberries, 
Figs to fill your mouth, 
Citrons from the South, 
Sweet to tongue and sound to eye; 
Come buy, come buy.” 

Just imagine the fruity concoction of beads that will be!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Something blue

Royal Wedding day! We all love a wedding don't we. I spent the morning watching the proceedings whilst starting a new wired macrame necklace. I decided to just 'go with the flow' and started by taking a length of wire and making a shape intuitively, whilst listening to the words and music of the wedding service.

What emerged was a pretty love knot shape and I've started to weave in my threads of turquoise and blue shades. I'll make wired wing shapes for the sides, to make a pretty neckpiece.