Monday, 11 September 2017

Vintage treasures

Mr J and I have started to stroll off to the local car boot on a Thursday. As well as the nice long walk there, it’s fun rummaging for ‘treasures’. Usually we are not hunting for anything in particular, but last week I mentioned to Mr J that I wanted a pretty little pot to keep beading tools in. I’ve recently been learning how to bead crochet and the little hand painted pot that he discovered in a box of bric a brac looks lovely with all my pastel coloured crochet hooks in. My workspace has evolved over the years to include all kinds of pretty bijouterie!

Talking of vintage treasures, I recently picked up a pretty ‘Stratton’ compact in the local charity shop to add to my growing collection.

The colour scheme is so pretty that it has inspired a new macramé piece in just those colours. 

My little brass tortoise reminds me to take my time and make my work neat and tidy. He does the job so well and Mr J hasn't had a single pin in his foot since I picked him up on Ebay!

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