Sunday, 13 August 2017

Micro macrame pendant

We beady folk get inspired in some funny ways. Mr J and I have been enjoying the athletics on TV in the evenings over the last few days, and I have loved seeing the arial shots of the stadium, all lit up and looking so sculptural. I particularly like the triangle forms of the floodlights.

It occurred to me that the shape of a sports stadium is rather like a woven bezel around a cabochon, which is something I am working hard to master just now. 

The tricky bit is the join, which has to be as neat as possible. When the woven strip that will surround the cab comes off the macrame board, there are several threads that need to be tied off invisibly so that the front looks tidy. But slowly and surely, I'll have it mastered.  I like to be the tortoise, rather than the hare when I’m learning a new technique, so have spent the last week just practicing, but I’m now working on my actual piece, a beaded micro macramé pendant with a glass cabochon as the centrepiece.

I’m intending to weave in lots of small beads, and the colours will be rust, purple and green with beaded beads incorporated  in the chain. Hopefully the look will be eyecatching, encrusted and lustred. Perfect with autumn clothes.

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