Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wildflower necklace

It's amazing where beads can take you. One day you may be swimming with the mermaids in some far away blue lagoon, putting together a piece made of shimmery shells and pearls.... or you may be wandering through a spice market, stringing coral and other warm hued treasures.

Today though, I have travelled back in time. I am in the cool of a spring wood, surrounded by new greenery and wild flowers. I've had fun depicting the fat little white campions I see growing together with the pink version. I selected some oblong silver toned beads and then added little glass flowers at the ends.

I also represented the blue speedwells which grow at the edge of the wood, where the canopy still lets in light early in the year. I had some blue flower beads which I've modified slightly. I bought some wonderful 'Swellegant' products which include paints, dye oxides and sealants, especially for the jewellery maker. Now the beads look much more like the real speedwell flowers with the silver highlights and little silver beads in the centres.

I've a fair way to go with this and I'm determined to master some new knots to go in the beaded cord that will complete it. A peaceful and meditative way to spend a few days.

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