Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bundles of threads and boxes of beads

Having completed some tricky soldering this week, my fingers are itching to get weaving and knotting  again. The new pendant needs a strap, something light and pretty that will match the colours in the cabochon. The cab fits in the claw setting as snug as a bug, and I managed to achieve my objective of allowing the lime green border to show. Any other mounting would have obscured it so it was a real challenge.

There’s a place for black leather, but this certainly isn’t it! I certainly need to have a good sort out before I start, but immediately I can see some possible contenders in the delightful (dis)array of threads in my ‘Artbin’ storage box.

 Maybe I will get out the wooden marudai and make a cord in lime green and blue. Pity it is so stormy here – no sitting outside with the calming noise of wooden bobbins today. 

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