Friday, 21 April 2017

Adventures with metal clay

I've had enormous fun experimenting with metal clay. Torch firing is easier now that I have a second torch - larger than the small one I use for soldering and it fires the pieces nicely in 10 minutes provided they are not too big. Most of my jewellery is made of smaller elements joined together so this technique suits me well. The clay is moulded and shaped then dried thoroughly before firing. At the dried stage copper clay has the look of terracotta and can be sanded and refined before firing it. Here is a picture of the clay at the dried stage before I did the sanding. I wanted an organic, bark like look to it. It feels like alchemy to watch the clay as the flames burn away the binder and it magically becomes solid copper.

After refining and then torch firing it was ready to include in a necklace. This is how the finished piece turned out. 
I also completed the necklace I started in my last blog post, an abundance of techniques went into it, including making some epoxy clay elements, which is also something I had not tried before. It's so lovely to learn new ways of doing things.



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