Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Capturing cabochons

It's no secret that I adore handmade glass cabochons. I've used them in bead embroidered pieces many times, stitching a bezel of tiny size 11 seed beads around them to secure the cabochon to the backing. The down side of this was that you had to cover quite a bit of the outside edge - unless you were prepared to also use a glue on the back. I've never been happy to use glue in my beadwork, and wanting to show off every bit of the glass has led me to my wirework pieces. 'Ivy Lustre' has proved to be such an enjoyable challenge in this respect.

I really wanted to showcase the triangular shape of this one so the wire is carefully engineered to make a tension setting for it. Here is a picture of the back of the necklace showing the tension mounting.
This has allowed me to make a wire squiggle over the front top to echo the foiled stripe that catches the light within the glass.
More pictures and a bit about what inspired me to make it can be found on my website at: http://www.beadizzy.com/

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