Thursday, 20 October 2016

Misty dawn necklace

A few weeks off has done me a power of good. I’d got to the stage where I felt totally ‘burned out’ as it were, and a minor illness which needed some tablets from the GP to sort it out left me feeling totally lack lustre. Impossible to be creative when you are feeling like that so I took some time out and just concentrated on cleaning the house and giving the workspace a good tidy up. Eventually got back my energy, but found it hard to get the creative side of the brain to kick in again.

The workspace was inviting with a clean desk, pliers neatly lined up in a rack like soldiers waiting for orders, and beads sorted into containers. That sort of tidiness just screams creative block and procrastination!

Then one morning I took Mr J his coffee into his den and looked out of the window. It still quite early and the dawn was breaking into the most beautiful misty shades of apricot, muted blues, greys and mauves.

Autumn skies can so often surprise and delight. My muse was awake and on the case straight away. A piece of Apricot Agate was selected, beads tipped with pleasing abandon in a mix to match the sky, and wire began to wind like the silhouettes of branches under the dawn sky. All’s right in my world again.

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