Saturday, 2 July 2016

Using polymer clay to create a vintage look

People who create art are incredibly lucky to have a wealth of exciting new materials to work with. Polymer clay, resin, cool melt enamels and metal clays are the chameleon characters on the jewellery making stage and can reflect many different moods. Take polymer clay for instance – this magical material can be made into a piece that looks as if it has just stepped off the set of a Bollywood film, or can be crafted into something that looks as if it came from the jewellery casket of a pre-Raphaelite beauty. Modern clays and resins are professional grade and really tough. I sand and finish with the same tools I use on metalwork. My ‘Rhiannon’ necklace is complete at last and has a decidedly vintage look. 

Constructing  it proved to be a challenge but  I’m pleased with the way it hangs – in a pleasing ‘V’ shape on the chain which has little bamboo coral beads in it to echo the inlay on the main sections. I decided that this design needed some negative spaces, little areas to give the eye a break. I also included the paler blue areas within the darker blue to draw the eye down over the centrepiece.

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