Sunday, 24 July 2016

The fly that thought it was a bee

Mr J and I have done our bit for recycling this year. It all started when our fence blew down. The old post had snapped... we needed a new one. Out on one of our walks Mr J spotted something in the hedge. Someone had dumped a fencepost, a newish one, exactly the right size. Mr J hoisted it over his shoulder and it was soon given a new lease of life. Good for a few years yet we hope. A few days later we also rescued a big brand new patio planter. This is now full of pretty plants including some aubretia which tumbles down the side very prettily. We were sitting outside one lunchtime when we noticed something that looked like a miniature humming bird with a long proboscis hovering and feeding on the tiny centres of the aubretia flowers. It looks like a tiny bee but when we looked it up it is actually a fly. This charming looking little creature has a less than charming life cycle though. Its own larva live on the larva of actual bees! I do hope the residents in the various bee boxes we have in the garden this year are safe.

I love the way jewellery from the art nouveau era used shapes from nature, and observing this special tiny creature has influenced my latest piece. Using a new technique to make the centrepiece enables me to have tiny flowers in it. The picture below shows it in progress with wire wrapping partly done. When it has been antiqued and buffed to make it look vintage it should be unusual and rather pretty I think.

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