Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Celtic Tree Calendar

Did you know that we all have a birth tree? According to ancient Celtic Ogham Lore there is a tree for every month of the year. Being born in May, mine is the Hawthorn. I made a list of all the trees in my sketchbook, we are now in the time of the Oak, which is my husband's tree. Well, he is strong and steadfast certainly!

As my polymer and resin components need time to sit and 'cure' before I sand and polish them, we went for a stroll. Hedgerows are rather wet as we have had heavy rain but nonetheless beautiful as usual, with all the elder in flower and lots of little helicopter shaped tree seeds everywhere. That gave me an idea, so got out the sketchbook to sort my ideas out. Here is my drawing and below it the start of a new piece. Very relaxing listening to the rain and twisting wire into plant-like forms.



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