Thursday, 9 June 2016

Painting the seasons with polymer clay

I've been jewellery making outside on the patio over the last few days as the weather has been glorious. A straw hat and a big green umbrella keeps the workbench shady and the shapes of my terracotta pots and the varied hues of flower petals inspire my choices of form and colour. I have an interesting urn shaped pot and I cut a piece of copper out that refers to its outline. Underneath it the breeze has left a confetti of fallen petals. Blue aubretia petals mingle with scarlet geranium in a mixture of pleasingly faded glory - I know I should sweep them, but they look so pretty that for a while I let them be whilst I grab my clay and mix colours in a painterly way. Only difference is, I use a set of little dentists tools rather than brushes. Having made a soldered strip that stands on my hammered copper backplate I decided to use polymer clay to fill it. This will be done in layers, baking between each layer and then putting a final layer of resin on top. I will then sand and polish it until it has a soft sheen - I want the surface to look a bit like old watch glass. I like things to look vintage, not blingy.

The picture shows my sketch of roughly how I want 'Rhiannon'' to look when she's done, with the red polymer baked and the blue piece about to be fired. I'm aiming at a Pre-Raphaelite look.

I like working outside, it makes you think differently, as you are responding to what's going on around you. This is something I'll be exploring more as the year progresses and hopefully I'll become better at being able to capture what I feel about the world around me in metal and mixed media.

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