Thursday, 2 June 2016

A bohemian beauty from front to back

A brief postscript to my last post about the things I remembered about my various Aunties when I was growing up. We had a bit of a family get together this weekend and I was determined not to be the aunt who sits in the corner with ‘Woman’s Weekly’ Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘Woman’s Weekly’ of course, it has kept me entertained in the doctors waiting room and the hairdressers on several occasions and provided Victoria Wood with a very funny line in the ‘Ballad of Barry and Freda’ So I said Yes to all the activities suggested by my 11 year old great nephew. I was shown how to play something called ‘Assassins Creed’ on the Xbox and then played a game in the garden which involved me becoming a human skittle. I was persuaded to put on a helmet with a plastic bottle sellotaped to it and stand still whilst balls were thrown to dislodge the bottle!

Back home to more genteel activities and have put the final touches to my latest piece. I paid extra attention to the back, as this is a symmetrical piece and the wire needs a more precise path than when I’m making freeform shapes.


I’m really excited about making a forged and soldered base for wire wrapping, it opens up a lot of possibilities that wire alone can’t manage. Lots more pieces to follow over the summer hopefully.

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