Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Texturing jewellery components with hammers

Mr J has been full of bright ideas recently. It all came about when I said that I would like to spend more time working outside this year. Hammering, sawing, sanding…. These are all jobs that a jewellery maker could do outside – with the right equipment. I have a super space upstairs to work in, custom built by Mr J. But I needed a work surface that was foldable for outside. He suggested one of those workmates that carpenters use and we set of to the DIY store to take a look. We decided on the deluxe version and Mr J treated me to it! When I set it up it quickly became obvious that I would be using it a lot over the summer – it’s just the right height to clamp the bench pin onto and sit and do sawing and filing. I made a length of Viking weave chain and clamped the drawplate in the jaws – perfect. Then I put a sandbag and a steel block on top and got to work with the texture hammers. After that I was hot so Mr J (more brownie points for him) got to work modifying the patio to include special bricks that hold an enormous green umbrella. So I now have a perfect outside space for my creations! Here’s what I produced.

2 pendant components ready to have some more pieces soldered onto them, and a length of Viking weave, which one of the pendants will hang from. Goodness I slept well – fresh air and exercise to blame. Pity it’s set to rain for the next few days.

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