Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Maid Marian Necklace in Copper and Silver

There have been many versions of the Robin Hood stories on TV and film over the years. I’m going to show my age here – I remember the one on TV when I was a small child starred Richard Greene as Robin Hood and Patricia Driscoll as Maid Marian. This was in black and white of course, and it had the catchiest theme tune ever. Those of you of a certain age will be able to hum it no doubt. Maid Marian had the most wonderful dresses, all velvety and flowing, but she could also be one of the lads, shooting bow and arrows and sporting tunic and tights. I so wanted to be her!
Fast forward many years into the future, I am a blushing bride, standing outside the wedding room of the registry office on the arm of my brother. I have asked them to play a piece of music by Handel as I walk down the aisle. The door opens and we enter…… to the strains of Bryan Adams singing ‘Everything I do I do it for you’ A mix up I assume, but luckily we like the Kevin Costner version of the Robin Hood tale and that song has now become ‘our tune’ in the way Mr Handel never could have.

My Maid Marian necklace has leaf and arrow shapes, as well as crisscross binding in sterling silver. The colour of the beads really had to be green, to match Robin’s tights!

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