Sunday, 1 May 2016

Fanning the flames

Every so often it happens. You start a piece and it just doesn't get you excited. It's hard sometimes to put your finger on exactly why. My husband came through and looked at the white shapes that I'd intended to represent ice. 'They look like teeth' was his comment. Heck - he was spot on and into the bin they went!

Most times you can work through the initial creative block by making some modifications to the design. Other times it's more productive to walk away for a while and do something else rather than sit at the bench staring at a pile of components. So that's exactly what I did. Spent the afternoon with the torch melting silver into nuggets and interesting shapes.

When I got them cleaned and took them upstairs I laid them on top of the copper shape I'd already cut and hammered. Immediately the creative juices were flowing. I cut the top off the copper shape and soldered and fused silver onto it. Then I made a silver bail and soldered that to the top. After that I soldered on 3 small rings and I filled these with clear red 'efcolor' enamel. The piece was heated so that the enamel powder melted. I didn't procrastinate at all - I just got on with it, the piece almost seemed to be telling me what it wanted to be!

I wanted a red and black colour scheme to tie in with the pyroclastic flow of the silver so I chose red agate, coral shapes and some dark coal colour jasper beads to include in my wire wrap. Now to design a chain for it. More red and black I think.

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