Saturday, 16 April 2016

Raindance Necklace

It’s been a mix of sunshine and storms his week – typical British April weather in fact. Some days have been too wet to venture outside, so I've been sketching, reading and creating between the showers.  As suddenly as they arrive it seems, clouds vanish and there is a rainbow droplet on every breeze-stirred leaf.  They dance and catch the sunbeams and it’s easy then to daydream small magical beings into existence and imagine the finery they might be wearing.

The fair folk are elusive these days. We are in too much of a rush and seemingly there is no time to pause and be mindful of the small everyday miracles in the environment that can spark our imaginations. Instead we walk along with mobile phone to ear, oblivious to the beauty of nature, which, after all, can be spied in even the most urban of environments.

So I’ve been taking my time with my 'Raindance Necklace', letting it evolve organically between spells of gardening.  I want the back section firm but flexible, so I am using several strands of tigertail flexible beading wire.  Another couple of days and I should have a necklace fit for a rainy day fae to dance in.

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