Saturday, 9 April 2016

Making the workspace wonderful

I guess it's the same for any craftsperson, your workspace evolves over time until it becomes a place where you have everything in place to express your unique artistic vision. My working area has taken many years to put together and it has seen a few changes.

Inevitably, new techniques are tried and some abandoned, whilst others become life-long loves. This has nothing to do with being fickle. It's simply that a creative person always stays very much in touch with the child inside them, and children love to play, experiment and test new things out. Finding ways to keep tools and materials organised is all part of the fun. Charity shops finds can often be re-used to keep files to hand, or pens and pencils organised. Here are three of my recent purchases.

Filbert-file-keeper is a little handcrafted mouse who lives in a tree stump and keeps my needle files handy. He cost me £1 from our local Sue Ryder shop! Made by 'Tom Thumb Designs' in Yorkshire according to the label underneath. I think the person who crafted him so beautifully would be pleased to see him so obviously enjoying his new job as jewellers assistant. The china piece with pink flowers is a vintage tooth brush holder and the pen pot with the Welsh ladies was just £1.50. Not only is my desk a lot tidier, but the charity benefits too. Win win.

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