Friday, 22 April 2016

Making a viking weave neck ring

Don't know about you but my heating is on. It's what Mr J and I call 'casserole weather' and I'm aiming to fill the house with lovely cooking smells later - something hot and warming ladled into a bowl is called for this evening. Thankfully I've got something on the go jewellery-wise that involves firing the butane torch up. Spent the morning doing a sketch for a new piece and cutting out the shape from copper sheet. A while back in silversmith class I made a viking weave neck ring with a hammered copper pendant attached to it.

I loved the technique and it's high time I made something else using it. So 'Gerda' is under way, here's my sketch and the sawn out shape with the inner opening marked out with the scriber.

I will not pierce this out until I have annealed and hammered the copper shape, otherwise the metal would distort too much (I learned a lesson with a previous piece!) Then I'm going to add some silver to it by soldering on some tiny pieces of melted silver. A flowing line of silver wire will support wrapped stones in the opening in the pendant. I'm thinking of keeping the beads glacial in colour to carry through the norse theme. I like the idea of them enclosed and icy within the copper shape.   Lots to do but I'm thinking it will be spectacular when done. Fingers crossed and wish me luck!

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