Sunday, 13 March 2016

The hare and tortoise approach for wirework

I love it when a piece gets to this stage. After feeling 'in flow' as it were and progressing quickly a little pause is in order, both to take stock of where I want to take the chain, and to pay some careful attention to the finish of the main section. I tend to use pieces of wire that are no longer than a foot or so at a time, as working wire hardens it. When it gets too stiff I cut it and carefully finish the ends using a flexshaft fitted with a little cup shaped burr. This rounds the end of the wire. Then I tuck the end away flush to the wrap with pliers. We don't want scratchy jewellery!

'Mahogany Flame' necklace in progress

I have a plan for the chain section that involves more wirewrapped beads, hematite and coral, so the whole piece should look unified when done, and nicely encrusted and textural when the copper wire is antiqued and the highlights polished up.

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