Thursday, 24 March 2016

Passionflower Necklace

I love Easter. Hot cross buns, chocolate, the feeling of renewal and a long weekend to spend with loved ones. Wanting to make a piece with a floral feeling I was reminded of the beautiful passionflower my grandparents had in their garden.


Experimenting with wirework

Big deep blue blooms with pink on the inside and yellow centres. I'm experimenting with some copper wire and beads first of all. Then when I've worked out how to construct a bloom I'll change over to sterling silver. Not sure at this stage what I will make with the flowers but as the passion flower is a type of climbing vine I will be making a garland style piece. I'm thinking the deep blue, pink and yellow will be a pretty colour combination with the sterling silver wirework. A lovely way to spend Easter weekend - when I'm not nibbling the chocolates!

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