Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Diverted by dichroic glass

Having a good tidy up after having finished my last piece I came across this beautiful piece of dichroic glass. It just begged to be made into a pendant, the colour just seems perfect with some small ethically sourced coral beads that I bought recently. Some larger beads in glossy dark grey and black will be wrapped into the design. I knew straight away that I wanted to use the copper wire across the cabochon to accentuate the colour divisions. Did a quick sketch and then grabbed the wire and made the first loop. That's almost the hardest bit and I try not to procrastinate over it. Every other move I make with the wire evolves from that first little curl. Now the cabochon is securely held and I can move on to the beads and wrap them in with 0.6mm wire. The second photo shows the first large bead dropped into the wire ready to be woven onto the framework.

I will cut some tiny bead caps from copper to put at the ends of the oval beads in the chain. I have a tiny dapping block and punches so I can make my own dome shapes from sheet copper. 

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