Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wiggle room

My workspace is covered with little wiggles and curlicues of wire this afternoon. I mentioned in my last post that I was planning a necklace with a piece of dumortierite as the central stone. After some doodles in my sketchbook to help me sort out my initial thoughts about shapes and colours, I took my copper wire and made the base shape. The first two attempts were discarded as I worked out where I wanted the wavy lines to cross the stone. It often takes me a couple of goes before I'm happy with the arrangement.

Now I have the base shape done the fun ramps up a gear as the beads are wrapped and woven in with finer copper wire and also some sterling silver to add contrast. I love copper and silver together. When the finished piece is oxidised and the silver is polished up the contrast between the two metals is pleasing. The pastel shades in the beads I've chosen should look lovely with the darker blue and copper. I'm also putting some sodalite semi precious beads into it.

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