Monday, 22 February 2016

Spring Promise

The walk to the post office had a double purpose this morning. The Meadow Stream necklace went off to a new home, which was a lovely start to the new week. On the way back we pass a long avenue of trees, at the end of which is the most glorious mass of crocuses, in mauves and yellows. As soon as we got home I got out the sketchbook and paints to make some notes, before ferreting about amongst the beads to pick out all the pretty things to weave into it.

I'd already decided to use a triangular piece of serpentine for the centrepiece, to this I have added peridot, amethyst and yellow jade as well as lots of lovely glass beads in yellows and purples. Spent some time getting the wrap just right around the serpentine triangle, usually takes a couple of goes, before the fingers achieve what my imagination has envisaged. Looks like it will be an enjoyable and creative week ahead!

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