Sunday, 28 February 2016

Exuberant Wirework

If there was a collective noun for a group of wirework pieces I think it would have to be 'an exuberance'. That's how I've felt whilst making my 'Spring Promise' piece. The central section is now done so I have a little quiet pause now whilst I design the sides and back. It's interesting to note how much planning can go into a piece that appears very freeform, I have found that this is the way that works for me, once I know what I am aiming at I make the moves with the wire quickly. I often lay the completed element on paper and sketch out the next steps - as pictured below. It's a mix of mad activity and meditation!

I love the little amethyst round beads and still have some of the yellow jade ones so I will add a wrapped loop to each. This will enable me to use them in the chain to help unify it to the centrepiece. Some larger oblong yellow glass will be wrapped in a twirl of silver. The serpentine centrepiece is certainly vibrant amongst the mauve beads and wirework, it is said to have detoxifying properties, and ensures longevity, just the sort of stone to include in a piece inspired by spring. This piece has been reserved already, which makes the process of making it even more energised!

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