Monday, 11 January 2016

Wire weaving with colours from nature

Wet, windy, cold and January. At first glance it didn't look all that inspiring out there. But as usual on a Monday morning I had a package to take to the post office so we wrapped ourselves up in waterproofs and set out to brave the elements. What at first appearance is a completely grey day is actually full of beautiful and dramatic muted colours. Rusts, slate blues, pale pearly greys and creams as well as all the various shades of green in the hedgerows. Despite all the wind and cold rain the honeysuckle I wrote about in a previous post is still flowering stalwartly away. I worked out that it's position is directly underneath where I sit at my workbench, lovely to think of it there as I wrap and twist wire and incorporate beads inspired by it's colour. Yellow jade, jasper and quartz will be woven into it, and I will include some beads in the colours of the wintry sky, which I'm hoping will contrast well with the yellow, blue being the complementary colour of yellow. Nature so often gets it right!

It's in the early stages as yet, a lovely way to spend the afternoon while it continues to be wet and windy outside.

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