Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Wire weaving with Citrine

I love Citrine. Holding a nugget of it is like handling a little piece of sunshine. It is said that wearing it has many benefits, as it is a cleansing and stimulating stone. Interestingly, it is also said that it is a good stone to place in a 'wealth corner' in your home, which is the left hand corner furthest from your front door. I have such a corner. Does it work? Well I guess that depends on how you define wealth. My idea of wealth is more about wellbeing and creativity than money!

Lots of little ideas from the shapes and colours on my walk are being incorporated. The gravel covered slope with the rain washing down in ripples provided me with the shapes to make in the wire that lays across the central stone.

Before I start wrapping a gemstone nugget I always spend some time turning it over and working out how to wrap it. A nugget has no hole, so I need to be nifty with the wirework to make sure it is secure, but shows as much of the stone as possible. I think I will keep this looking quite delicate and airy. so will not be making the side extensions much thicker than they are now.

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