Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sketches for enamel jewellery

I was a painter long before I started making jewellery, so perhaps it's no surprise that I love to put colour into my pieces. Beads do that, and they find their way into most of my designs, but I long to take a piece of metal and add layers of colour like I used to with my watercolours. To make a tiny leaf, rich with colour and texture that looks as if it has been plucked from a hedgerow, how magical that would be! As I've said before, I do like a challenge, so I'm setting out to discover some new techniques using various enamel powders which I will use like paints before firing them. I'll start with some odd scraps and make some sample tiles just for fun before moving on to some leaves.

Here they are in their initial stages, cut and annealed before hammering to shape them. The leaf veins are cut from sterling silver.

The sketches below were done this morning, ideas for wire wrap jewellery also incorporating some enameled areas and gemstones. They are based on locks and hinges and make reference to jewellery from the art nouveau era . Plenty to work on next week!

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