Sunday, 31 January 2016

Captivating Carnelian

Some lovely carnelian beads arrived this week. I love carnelian. It has such a variety of shades, varying from warm terracotta and amber to milky white. Fashion a piece using just this stone and your piece will still have plenty of contrasts within it. I have a selection of wooden bowls on my workbench filled with gemstone nuggets and I selected a piece of polished carnelian from the varied small treasures within. My fingers started to twitch immediately - and I grabbed by sketchbook and coloured pencils to explore some design ideas.

I turned the nugget over in my hands, working out where the coils would sit, both to secure it, and to add decorative elements. I worked out early on that I wanted to put a line of wire over the milky white section so that when the patina is added it will stand out as a feature.

The sterling silver contrasts beautifully with the copper and introduces the option of using a sterling silver trigger clasp. The pendant section is done, now to craft the chain, which will incorporate more carnelian beads, the larger ones wrapped in silver wire, the smaller ones interspersing them will have wrapped loops at each end. Hoping to have it ready to put on my website some time next week.

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