Monday, 21 September 2015

Exploring polymer clay and mixed media

I first came across polymer clay many years ago when I first started making jewellery. At the time my skills were limited, as I was just starting out. Revisiting it after all this time has been quite exciting, and I was keen to find some ways to combine it with other mixed media elements. My 'Paprika Pendant' incorporates polymer clay using what is called a 'Mokume Gane' technique.

This results in a pleasing mottled surface, just right for the faux ivory look I was aiming at. I also made some beads using the same technique to visually link the leather cord to the pendant design. I have added a layer of resin to the pendant and beads and then sanded and polished them to a soft sheen.

The 'Purple Swirl' necklace uses polymer clay and copper. The central piece is cut from a flat sheet of copper and then heated in a flame to soften the metal. This makes it possible to achieve the bends to the metal and a hammered texture. I gave  the copper a patina with liver of sulfur before buffing out the highlights. I did not use resin on the polymer this time, but buffed the surfaces with a cotton mop on my flexshaft with some Rennaisance Wax to give them a bit of a sheen.

I was aiming for a bohemian look, so included the dangles and swirls to give it lots of tactile qualities and movement. All in all some interesting experiments and as usual my head is now full of 'what ifs'!