Saturday, 22 August 2015

Soldering a bezel for polymer clay

I have finished soldering and I now have my sterling silver bezel done. Just needs to be whizzed round in my barrel tumbler to remove any last bits of firescale that the picklean didn't get off. Then a final once over with the flexshaft to polish it and it will be ready to be filled with my faux ivory inlays. The central hole involved some fiddly sawing, but I'm pleased with the neat and tidy finish I got. In the end I decided to go for a solid backplate to make the pendant really substantial. I've just weighed the piece and it's 12.5 grams of silver so far. Exactly 2 inches high, so just the chunky look I wanted to achieve. Having the barrel polisher is just brilliant. I can chop garlic and herbs and prepare crispy roasties to go with the lovely piece of lamb we've got for tea whilst it swishes round and gets magically cleaned. Might have a glass or two of something after all the hard work!


This afternoon I'll be looking on the internet at ancient artifacts to get some ideas of the sort of surfaces I want to include in the 3 sections on the pendant. I'll print some pictures out and add them to my sketchbook to refer to as I roll out my clay.  I'll decide what colour of leather to put it on later, brown might look good, and I may want to make some discs from the clay, with large holes in, to string on the cord and link it in with the pendant surface. Decisions, decisions!


Unknown said...

Looks great Valerie!

Valerie Jones said...

Many thanks Pat ! Soldering is skill it took me a long time to learn - but I do like a challenge!

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