Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Finding your 'Flow'

Anybody who paints, sews, throws pots, makes jewellery - or does anything creative will know what 'flow' feels like. It's that happy state when time is irrelevant, you are happily immersed in what you are doing and you are feeling challenged and yet in control. It's a lovely feeling and a total escape from the stresses and strains of life. Wirework always does it for me. Weaving with several strands at once and concentrating on the twists and turns of each one, trying to achieve a balance in colour and form and just the satisfaction of turning a pile of raw materials into an object from your own imagination is the best way to spend a few hours. The time just races by!

I like having more than one piece of jewellery on the go at a time. So this neckpiece is being made in between sessions of work on my faux ivory piece. It's based around a big chunk of chrysoprase, one of my favourite stones at the moment.

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