Sunday, 5 April 2015

Forget-me-not necklace

I have such a pretty piece of jewellery on my desk this weekend - a sterling silver necklace adorned with tiny forget-me-not flowers.

 I have made the frame and the flowers, referring to a photo for the colour and design of them and I am just playing about with the positioning. I made my own teeny tiny headpins by balling up silver wire with my torch, then I filed and sanded them so they perfectly sit within the delicate yellow beads I used for the centres of the flowers. Making my own fixtures and fittings gives me a satisfying level of finish and finesse to the piece. After all a forget-me-not is a dainty little flower.

I will construct the necklace including the clasp before I finally complete the wire wrapping that will secure them in place. I decided that I wanted a different link on each side of the necklace before the silver chain that will complete the back. I have hand forged these, one is a tiny heart and the other is the symbol for infinity. What a romantic piece this is and actually it occurs to me that it could be the perfect 'something blue' for a bride!