Sunday, 15 March 2015

Clementine - a necklace under construction

Things are a bit noisy in the Jones' household this weekend. I've been cutting the sterling disks that make up the little bead caps in the chain for my ' Clementine' necklace.

The device I use for stamping out the circular shapes requires some hefty bashing with a large hammer. I tried doing it at my bench but it makes the whole house reverberate, so I make them sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor. Feels very primitive! I wanted the links to echo the design I used for the centrepiece, here is a picture of a single link section.

I had to use 3 different grades of silver solder in their construction - easy, hard and also medium in paste form to solder the jump rings.

Will spend the rest of the afternoon working on the rest of the chain, but with all that hammering I can eat a big slice of cake with afternoon tea guilt free!

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