Saturday, 17 January 2015

In the frame - two new necklaces

Lots going on at the workbench this weekend. Spent yesterday constructing the frames and various other elements for two new pieces. The rectangular one involved some very fiddly soldering to get the wire that dissects the ovals to sit nicely in place. But I'm pleased with the way it's looking so far, even with just an initial clean up of the firescale.


I'm planning to get some intense colours into it - and I've been playing with colour options in photoshop, to see how it could look.

These experiments are very rough, but they do allow me to explore colour options very quickly, just by using the sliders on the colour edit part of the program.

This piece will be going off to Goldsmiths Hall in London to have my unique hallmark applied to it. This imposes on me an even stronger urge to get it right!

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