Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Back to the workdesk

One of the best things about a holiday is the way it makes you feel when you get back home again. I must admit, I’d got to the stage where I felt a bit tired and jaded and I hate the way that affects my creativity. I went away to Tenerife leaving several unfinished projects on my desk, some of which are going to be Christmas gifts. I love giving handmade gifts and this year I have either bought them on Folksy, or made them myself. The trudge round the shopping malls just isn’t me any more.

Anyway, we came home and as soon as I went upstairs there was my little workspace with all my tools sitting there like old friends inviting me to get going again. So I’ve finished two of the projects that are going to be gifts.

Part of the pleasure was getting out the art gear to do the illustration for the little card that will go in the ‘Moonfrost’  box.
‘Harlequin Heart’ was great fun to make. The most difficult part was because I set myself the challenge of having a completely seamless soldered ring through the hole, so that meant all the assembly had to be done before the resin went in the framework. But the extra hassle was worthwhile as the pendant has a neater finish as a result.